Tips on Taking Out Twisted Nose Rings

Twisted nose rings are more commonly known as nose screws. They feature a twist or corkscrew shape on one end, which works to hold the nose screw in securely without the need for a ball. Nose screws can be tricky to remove due to the fact that they must be rotated properly as you remove the curved part. By using the right technique and lubrication, removing your nose screw can become easier.

Wash Your Hands

The Association for Professional Piercers recommends always washing your hands before touching your piercings, including a nose ring or screw. This will keep bacteria from infecting the piercing site. Cleaning your face before attempting to remove the piercing is also recommended.

Use Lubricant

If the piercing seems to stick or is uncomfortable to move, use a few drops of water-based lubricant to make removal easier. Dab a drop on the outside of the nose, and then another drop on the inside. Rotate the piercing a few times to allow the lubricant to work its way between the metal and the skin.

Cotton Swabs

Use a cotton swab to rotate the corkscrew section of the piercing until the straight section protrudes slightly from the nose. This should allow you to get a good grip on the piercing. Once you've gotten hold of it, just pull gently and rotate with the direction of the twist to remove it.