How to Clean Nose Rings

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A nose piercing can make a subtle statement about the wearer's nonconformity without creating an image that is too brash or noticeable. Nose rings, like all piercings, require sufficient care and cleaning during the weeks following the piercing. If not kept clean, they can easily become infected. The chances of an infection after healing are lower, but regular cleaning is still needed to keep the piercing healthy.

Move your nose ring to avoid getting it stuck in one position. This is especially important for new piercings and infected piercings, which may become stuck in your skin from scabbing or dried pus as the piercing heals. Press the ring gently back and forth through the piercing.

Apply rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab on the skin around your piercing, and on the nose ring itself. This will kill any bacteria or other germs that could lead to an infection. Do this before and after rotating your piercing to ensure that new germs are not introduced when you turn the nose ring.

Use a facial cleanser or hand soap to remove any dirt that may have accumulated at the base of the piercing. Keeping this area clean and free of dirt not only improves the health of your skin around the piercing, and prevents any unsightly dirt buildup. Excess dirt can also be a breeding ground for bacteria, which may lead to infection.

Care for an infected piercing the same way you would for a new piercing. Move the ring and clean the piercing several times a day. You'll know if your piercing becomes infected because the skin will redden and swell around it. Your ring may also become stuck as the infected area secretes pus, which then dries between the nose ring and your skin. Use a sterile saline solution in addition to rubbing alcohol on an infected piercing. If your infection does not begin to heal within a few days, you will need to remove the ring and continue to clean the infected area. Once the infection has healed, you can thoroughly clean your nose ring and replace it in the piercing hole.