Instructions on How to Insert L-Shaped Nose Studs

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The L-shaped nose stud is known for comfort because it does not stick into the other side of your nostril. It is often chosen because it does not slip and slide like the pointed nose studs do. It is a safe choice for everyday nose jewelry if you are worried about the nose stud falling out. Inserting an L-shaped nose stud into your nose is just a little different from inserting a straight-edged nose stud into your nose, however it only takes a few tries to adjust to putting the L-shaped nose stud in.

Wash your hands, dry them and clean the L-shaped nose jewelry before you attempt to put it into your nose. Apply antibacterial soap or saline liquid to your L-shaped nose stud, rinse it off and dry the stud.

Grasp the stud at the part that stays outside your nose. Point the tip of the L-shape that goes into the nose down towards the pierced hole.

Slide the L-shaped stud into the hole and then curve it so that the nose ring adjusts to where the bent part of the piercing is facing up on the inside of your nose. The tilting of the nose ring will feel odd the first time you perform the task, but it will feel less difficult each time you do it.