Types of Nose Rings

Person with nose stud and lip stud, extreme close-up

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Nose piercings, when done professionally and cared for properly, can allow beautiful jewelry to be worn and enjoyed for many years. Any type of jewelry worn in the nose is referred to a nose ring, even studs which are not in the shape of a ring at all. Nose rings are made from a variety of metals including nickel, stainless steel, white and yellow gold and titanium. They are available in several different types which allow you to choose the ring most comfortable and stylish to you.

Nostril Screw

A nostril screw is one of the most popular types of nose jewelry worn, especially in new piercings, according to the "Piercing Bible". Nostril screws have posts approximately one inch long, which are bent to form a C curve. They are inserted using a twisting motion, as if the jewelry is being screwed into your nose. Nostril screws may be purchased pre-bent, or they may be purchased with a straight post and bent for a secure and custom fit.


While not as common in nose piercings, labret studs can be used as a nose ring. A labret is a stud with a flat disk on one end and a removable ball or gemstone on the other end. The removable end may screw onto the post, or simply pop into place. Although originally designed for use in a labret piercing, labret studs can be easily used in a nostril piercing, a benefit especially if the wearer has more than one nostril piercing in the same side. Labrets must be inserted from the back side and are most often available starting at 18 gauge. To make insertion easier, use an insertion pin or visit your piercer for help inserting the jewelry.

Captive Bead and Bar Closure Rings

Two choices are available for those who prefer a circular ring in their piercing. Captive bead rings are a popular choice, reports the website Nose-rings-Guide.com . A small ball is held in place using the tension of the ring. Bar closure rings look like a solid ring, but a small piece of the ring pops out to allow for insertion. This type of ring can rotate 360 degrees, making cleaning easier. Both of these rings may require the use of ring opening pliers.

Nose Bone

Nose bones are straight studs which are slightly flared on one end, forming a small ball which is used to keep the jewelry from falling out. Nose bones are best used for healed piercings. The flared end may be one gauge larger than the post, irritating a new or unhealed piercing easily. A benefit of using a nose bone in a healed piercing is its ease of use to pop in and out.