How to Stretch Ears With Tape

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Stretched earlobes can make a bold statement about your personal style, but finding stretching tapers can be difficult once you reach a certain size. Stretching the earlobes is usually achieved using 2 to 3 inch long tapers to gradually increase the size of the piercing; the taper is lubricated and pulled through the existing piercing and then quickly replaced with new, larger jewelry. Typically, the largest taper size available is 1 inch. Bigger sizes tend to be expensive and hard to find. Stretching the ears with tape, known as "taping" presents a cheaper and readily available alternative.

Wash your hands, your piercing, and the plug or flesh tunnel you intend to use. Use a gentle, unfragranced soap or cleanser to avoid irritation of the piercing.

Take the PTFE tape and wrap one layer around the center of your plug or flesh tunnel. Make sure the edges of the tape are flat against the jewelry.

Reinsert the jewelry. Use a small amount of lubricant if you have trouble getting it back in.

Let the piercing rest for a day or two and then repeat the process, adding another layer of tape. Keep adding tape, one layer at a time, every few days until you achieve your desired gauge.