How to Clean Smiley Piercings

People choose to express themselves in many different ways, and piercings and tattoos are one method of making a statement. Once considered taboo, piercings are now more accepted by society. There are many different piercings you can get, anywhere from your eyebrows to your belly button and everything in between. One of the newest, exotic piercings is called a smiley, which is placed inside the upper lip and can only be seen when smiling. Proper cleaning and care of your new piercing is crucial for healing.

Wash your hands before attempting to clean the smiley piercing. The area will be swollen and tender shortly after getting pierced.

Gargle a non-alcohol mouthwash after eating. Avoid any spicy foods or drinks for at least a week.

Use a cotton swab dipped in saline solution or diluted sea salt water, usually bought from the shop you got pierced in, and apply gently to the newly pierced area twice a day.