How to Dissolve Denture Adhesive

When you wear dentures, adhesive secures them to keep them from shifting inside your mouth and damaging your gums. Denture adhesive is designed to last all day so you do not have to reapply it. Cleaning your dentures means dissolving the adhesive so you can remove the dentures without irritation to your gums. Soak the dentures daily, and clean any extra adhesive from your gums every time you remove them.

Plug the sink and fill it with warm water to protect your dentures in case you drop them.

Swish a small mouthful of warm water or alcohol-free mouthwash in your mouth a few times.

Put your thumb on the bottom edge of your front teeth. Push up on your front teeth, then push slightly out toward the front of your mouth top loosen the back of your upper denture. Carefully remove the denture from your mouth.

Grasp the front teeth of your bottom denture. Rock the denture side to side slightly as you pull forward to remove it.

Use a toothbrush and traditional toothpaste to remove any residual adhesive from the roof of your mouth or your gums. Rinse and clean your dentures according to your usual maintenance routine.