How to Clean Dentures With Bleach

Dentures should be cleaned regularly for the same reasons you clean natural teeth. With the proper care, you will prevent gum disease, bacterial and fungal infections and bad breath. If you use the wrong materials or cleaning supplies for dentures, you risk damaging them. One of the most common methods of cleaning dentures is to soak them in bleach.

Pour one cup of water into a bowl.

Add a half-cup of bleach to the water. Mix the liquids together with a spoon.

Place the dentures in the bowl. If the dentures are not fully submerged, add more liquid, keeping the ratio of water to bleach at 2 to 1.

Let the dentures soak for at least one hour before removing.

Brush the dentures with a denture cleanser to remove the bleach. Use products made specially for dentures, because normal toothbrushes and toothpaste may damage the dentures.

Rinse the dentures under warm water for 30 seconds.