How to Clean a Contact Lens With Peroxide

by Melynda Sorrels ; Updated August 14, 2017

A contact lens holder with a built-in neutralizer disc

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Taking proper care of contact lenses can mean the difference between a comfortable day and a day of itchy, irritating eyes. Hydrogen peroxide is one type of cleaner for contacts. It removes minute particles and bacteria that have built up throughout the day. However, cleaning your contacts with hydrogen peroxide requires attention to detail. Not rinsing them off properly can cause chemical burns to the eyes. There are two ways of cleaning your contacts with hydrogen peroxide. The one-step process uses a contact lens holder with a built-in neutralizer disc. The two-step method uses a neutralizing tablet.

Wash your hands well with an antibacterial soap. Rinse your hands thoroughly.

Place a paper towel over the sink drain. This will catch the contact if you drop it.

Place the contact lenses in the appropriate slot of the contact holder with a built-in neutralizer -- a platinum ring that turns hydrogen peroxide into water. The contact holder should have labels noting left and right contact lenses.

Fill the contact holder to the appropriate level with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Contact lens holders will have a fill line, do not overfill.

Screw the lids onto the contact holder. Allow the contact lenses to sit for at least six hours. Then, you can wear the contacts, or store them in a saline solution. Rinse the contact holder out with saline solution.


  • If you are using the two-step method for using hydrogen peroxide then the steps are a little different. After you have filled the holder with hydrogen peroxide, drop in a neutralizing tablet. This will convert the hydrogen peroxide to water. This process is for soft contact lenses. Hard lenses are now considered obsolete. If you are using hard contact lenses you can follow the same steps above to clean them, just take extra care in the rinsing processes.

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