Harmful Effects of Wearing Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry is often worn as a form of alternative medicine called magnet therapy. Practitioners of magnet therapy claim that wearing magnetic jewelry on certain parts of the body results in beneficial health effects such as pain relief, increased blood flow, and improved healing. Wearing magnetic jewelry may have health benefits, yet it can be harmful or even deadly to certain individuals.


Magnetic fields can interfere with the signal of a pacemaker, possibly causing the devicer to malfunction. For this reason, magnetic jewelry should not be worn by persons with a pacemaker.


Persons with a defibrillator should not wear magnetic jewelry. Magnetic fields can interfere the signal which may cause the defibrillator to malfunction.

Internal Insulin Pump

Those with an internal insulin pump should not wear magnetic jewelry. A magnetic field will interfere with the timing of the delivery mechanism, causing the pump to to administer an incorrect dose of insulin.

Other Electro-medical Devices

Magnetic jewelry should not be worn by persons with similar implanted electro-medical devices. It is possible that the magnetic field of the jewelry could affect the operation of devices. If your partner has any electro-medical devices, it is best to remove the jewelry during contact.


Practitioners of magnet therapy caution expectant women against wearing magnetic jewelry during pregnancy. However, there are currently no published research findings concerning the health risks of magnet therapy during fetal development.