What Is Bio-Flex Made of for Piercings?

Bioflex plastic revolutionized the piercing trade since its conception in 2001 in the UK. With it's versatility, healing factor and sterility, Bioflex not only is highly regarded by piercers, but by the medical community.


Bioflex is a bio-compatible and hypo-allergenic plastic that was manufactured into piercings by a British piercer in 2001.

Medical Piercings

Bioflex is medical grade plastic and has been approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration having passed United States Pharmacopoeia testing including the class 4 biocompatibility test. Bioflex has also passed the European Pharmacopoeia, fifth edition and supplement 01/2007 regulations.


Bioflex plastic is flexible, ultralight, highly adjustable to get a perfect fit, minimizes irritation and can even help heal piercings faster.


Bioflex has distinct advantages over other piercing materials like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and titanium, such as it's transparency, the ability to be ultra-violet reactive and is temperature resistant.


Bioflex is 65 percent biodegradable PVC coating and 35 percent polyester scrim.