How to Paint Oakley Frames

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Oakley sunglasses are a popular accessory for many people seeking protection for their eyes during outdoor activities. From recreational activities to law enforcement and military operations, Oakley sunglasses are available for a variety of applications in both men's and women's styles. It's possible to paint Oakley sunglasses frames to repair damage or to change the frames' appearance. But you should undertake proper preparation to make sure paint properly adheres to the plastic Oakley frames.

Remove the lenses from the Oakley sunglasses. Carefully pop out the lenses, one at a time, from the Oakley sunglasses frame so that the lenses are not scratched.

Remove the temples from the lens frames by loosening and removing the hinge screws with a small screwdriver.

Wipe the plastic sunglasses frame with denatured alcohol to remove any oils that could interfere with the paint bonding.

Tape off any areas of the Oakley frames with painter's tape that should not receive spray paint.

Scuff the plastic sunglasses frame with fine steel wool to roughen the plastic so the paint will adhere.

Choose a spray paint that is specifically formulated to bond with plastic. Select a color of your choice. Shake the spray paint thoroughly before applying.

Hold the spray tip of the paint can 6 to 8 inches from the sunglasses frames and apply an even coat of paint to the frames. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry for two to three hours before assembling the frames.