How to Remove Foam From Vinyl Window Frames

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Insulating a home has become very easy in recent years. Installing insulating foam around new vinyl window frames right after they are installed will prevent air leaks and keep your heating and cooling costs down. However, if you spray too much foam, it may expand out of the crack and onto the vinyl window frame. Rest assured it is not difficult to remove foam from vinyl window frames.

Allow the foam insulation to cure long enough to become tack free. This may take 15 to 30 minutes.

Shave the foam back with a utility knife so it is slightly less than flush with the vinyl window frame. Scrape as much of the foam off the vinyl surface as possible with a razor scraper without scarring the vinyl.

Apply acetone to a cloth rag. Rub the foam insulation off the vinyl surface with the acetone and rag before the foam insulation fully cures. The foam will be cured after 8 hours—less in humid conditions.