How to Get Expansion Foam Out of Clothing

Shaving foam suds on aerosol can and nozzle, close-up

Martin Poole/Valueline/Getty Images

Expansion foam allows you to fill gaps around windows, in your attic or anywhere else in your home. To work effectively, it must be extremely sticky and durable. Although this means you can improve your home's insulation and energy efficiency without hiring outside help, expansion foam tends to wreck any fabric it touches. Once the foam cures, generally after about eight hours, you can no longer remove it from clothing. However, if you act while the foam is still moist, you might be able to clean your sticky garments with minimal damage.

Rub the damp expansion foam with a dry cloth. Remove as much of the foam as possible with the cloth.

Put nail polish remover with acetone on a second cloth. Rub the affected part of the clothing with the nail polish remover. This should get the remaining foam out of the garment.

Apply stain remover to the spot you have treated with nail polish remover. Wash the garment according to the stain remover's laundering instructions to minimize the chance that the clothes will be discolored permanently.