How to Store Clothes in Cardboard Boxes

Woman folding clothes in store

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Packing away clothing in cardboard boxes makes a cheap storage alternative but cardboard storage should only be a temporary solution. Certain types of household pests, like moths, are attracted to the box's protein glue and will easily sneak into boxes for food, resulting in damage to the fabrics you want to protect. Whether storing seasonal garments or transporting items to a donation facility, get the best results by preparing your clothing prior to packing and taking a few extra steps to protect your clothes.

Examine each garment for stains, spots or obvious signs of soiling. Smell the garment. If it smells or appears dirty, you should wash the items before packing them. Protein-based stains attract the bugs you want to avoid.

Wash the clothing according to the directions on the care label. All clothing should be clean and dry.

Fold the clothing neatly and in a uniform manner. For example, fold all the sweaters the same way. This makes packing the clothing easier.

Select a clean cardboard box with a lid. Look inside the box for spots or stains. Do not use boxes that have contained foods or have obvious stains.

Line the inside of the box with acid-free tissue paper to protect the garments from leaching. Some cardboard contains chemicals that transfer dye on to your clothing.

Place the clothing in the box. Cover the clothing with a sheet of acid-free tissue paper. Put the lid on the box. Tape the box, where the lid and box meet to create a temporary seal. Mark the box with a permanent marker.