How to Remove Petroleum Jelly Stains From Clothing

by Ashley Leonard ; Updated September 28, 2017

The process of removing petroleum jelly stains from clothing is not easy. Petroleum jelly, often called by the brand name Vaseline, is a substance that can stick to surfaces, potentially causing unnecessary messes. When petroleum jelly gets on clothing, the stain can remain even after many washes. You may think that all hope is lost, but there are ways to remove that petroleum jelly stain from your precious clothing.

Removing Petroleum Jelly Stain

Spray Shout stain remover on the petroleum jelly stain. According to, Shout will remove the excess grease that accompanies a petroleum jelly stain. Rub the Shout stain remover into the petroleum jelly stain. states that Dawn dishwashing liquid also works well as a grease fighter when removing petroleum jelly stains.

Let the clothing sit for two or three minutes with the Shout stain remover still working through the petroleum jelly stain. According to, Shout stain remover can be used on all washable fabrics.

Wash the Shout stain remover out of the clothing with hot water. The grease should be removed from the clothing and it should be ready to wash in the laundry.

Place the petroleum jelly-stained clothing in the washer and wash it with liquid detergent in hot water.

Repeat this process until the petroleum jelly stain is completely removed from your particular piece of clothing.

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