How to Remove the Perfume Smell From Dry Clean Only Clothing

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While many dry clean only garments don't require frequent cleaning, they may retain odors after you wear them. Perfume, in particular, has a tendency to linger. While these techniques will help to remove any residual perfume smell, they also work for chemical odors left from the dry cleaning process and other unwanted smells.

Step 1

Hang dry-clean-only garments outside on a sunny day. Air garments for several hours to reduce or eliminate any perfume smell.

Step 2

Cut a small opening for a clothes hanger in one side of the box with a utility knife. Hang the garments in the box.

Step 3

Fill a container with approximately 1 cup of baking soda or wad up several sheets of newspaper.

Step 4

Close the box and tape securely. Leave the garments in the box for several days. The newspaper or baking soda will absorb unwanted odors.