How to Tint Plastic Eyeglasses

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Individuals with sensitivity to sunlight often desire a pair of prescription sunglasses, however, they are extremely expensive to obtain and insurance usually does not cover the cost. With an extra pair of plastic eyeglasses, you can creatively tint the lenses in order to create a set of prescription sunglasses for less than $20 dollars. This process takes one day to complete and requires a safe, dry location for the lenses to dry.

Remove the lenses from the eyeglasses. Use an eyeglass kit to remove all small screws from the glasses to pop the lenses out easily.

Wipe the lenses clean with window cleaner spray. Remove all liquid from the eyeglass lenses with a lint-free cloth. Place the lenses front side out facing upward on top of a newspaper.

Shake the spray tint vigorously for one to two minutes to mix the chemicals thoroughly.

Spray an even layer of tint over the outer surface of the eyeglass lenses. Hold the can 10 to 12 inches away from the lenses; avoid holding the can in any one spot for an extended amount of time, as this can result in puddling. Allow the tint to dry for two hours.

Spray on a second coating of spray tint. Allow the tint to dry completely for 24 hours before handling the lenses.

Re-insert the lenses into the eyeglass frames. Use an eyeglass kit to secure the screws back in place.