Easy Way to Take Contacts Out

ballyscanlon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Taking out contact lenses can be a difficult process when you are first getting used to your new contacts. Whether you wear soft or hard contact lenses, you will need to remove them periodically for cleaning, sleeping or replacement. According to Edward S. Bennett, author of "Clinical Contact Lens Practice," taking your contacts out is a quick and simple process once you practice the technique a few times.

Wash your hands with fragrance-free antibacterial soap to remove any germs from them before touching your contact lenses. Dry them with a clean towel.

Put two drops of saline solution in each eye and wait for 10 minutes. This hydrates the contacts and prepares them for removal.

Place a towel over the counter or table in front of you so that if you drop the contact lenses, you can easily locate them.

Look up and use the index finger of your dominant hand to slide the contact in one eye to the outer corner.

Pinch the contact lightly between your thumb and forefinger and slowly pull it off your eye. If you wear soft contacts, it will bunch up and be easy to pluck from the eye. However, if you wear hard contacts, use one finger to pull the lip of the contact up to remove it from your eye.

Repeat with the other eye and clean the contact lenses with saline solution before storage.