How to Use a Clothes Hanger

Gerben van Erkelens

Clothes hangers were designed to keep clothes from wrinkling. There are two types. The first type looks like a set of shoulders. This type of hanger keeps your blouses, dress shirts, dresses and jackets nice and neat in a closet. A second type of hanger has two clips, one on each end. This type of hanger allows you to properly hang a pair of pants or a skirt so that it to can remain wrinkle-free in a closet. Using these hangers is easy.

Iron your piece of clothing after it comes out of the dryer. If the piece of clothing is brand new, take it out of the bag to hang it up. It will most likely already be wrinkle-free.

Unbutton or unzip any tops or dresses and slide one end of the hanger in to the shoulder and left sleeve through the neck opening. Then slide the other end of the hanger in to the right shoulder and sleeve.

Button the top or dress back up. If it is a zipper, zip it back up. This will keep the garment in place on the hanger.

Hang your garments in a closet until you are ready to wear them. Try to keep all the top hooks of the hangers facing the same direction. This will make it easier for you to take the items back out when you need them.

Lay a pair of pants or skirt down on a bed or other flat surface. You will need both hands to work the clips on either side of the hanger.

Squeeze the left clip on the hanger and slide the left side of the pair of pants or skirt in between the clip. Then let go and the clip will hold the piece of fabric in place. Do this again with the right side of the hanger. Hang your pants or skirt in a closet.