How to Wash a Crinkle Skirt

by Kimberly Johnson

Some think crinkle fabric is a godsend since the material contains wrinkles by design. That means crinkle clothing, which can include skirts, is the quintessential wash-and-wear garment. Modern prints and color choices have spring boarded these old-fashioned skirts back into style. However, after several washes, you may notice the crinkles have lost some crispness and the skirt looks limp and dowdy. An unusual drying technique is the solution to restore the crinkles.

Set your washing machine to the gentle cycle and fill it with cold water. Add one capful of laundry detergent, or the amount specified on the detergent container.

Put the crinkle skirt into the washing machine; if it is a top-loading washer, push down on it to submerge all of the fabric in the water. Close the washing machine and wait until it completes the washing cycle.

Remove the crinkle skirt from the washer and take it to the nearest sink or tub. Squeeze the fabric tightly in your hands to remove as much of the remaining moisture from it as possible.

Stretch the skirt out and grasp the top of it in one hand while holding the bottom of the skirt in the other hand. Turn one of your hands clockwise to begin twisting the fabric. Continue twisting until no part of the skirt remains straight.

Fold the two ends of the skirt toward each other until they touch. You should have a loop of twisted fabric. Secure the two ends together using a large chip clip.

Open a towel fully and place it in a location that receives good air circulation. Lay the twisted skirt on top of the towel to air dry. The twisted skirt will take longer to dry than other clothing. Flip the twisted fabric over occasionally to speed the drying process.

Remove the clip once the skirt fabric is fully dry. Gently untwist the fabric and hang the skirt until ready to wear.

Items you will need

  • Washing machine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Large clip (such as a chip clip)
  • Towel


  • You can also hand wash a crinkle skirt instead of machine washing it.


  • Use caution that the clip is not too tight because it could create unsightly indentations in the skirt that will be visible once dry.
  • Do not dry crinkle material in a clothes dryer, since the heat will remove the wrinkles from the fabric.

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