How to Wash a Broomstick Skirt


A broomstick skirt has a crinkly texture, achieved and preserved using special washing and drying methods. Without proper technique and care, a broomstick skirt can lose its folds and texture turning it into a droopy and shapeless mass of fabric. In order to preserve the style of your skirt, wash a broomstick skirt properly to ensure that its intended design is preserved.

Read the tag on your broomstick skirt for washing recommendations. Adjust your washer's settings so that the fabric of the skirt will not be damaged during machine washing; the temperature and cycle should be matched to your garments needs. Wash the skirt alone, without other clothing, if need be. A delicate soak cycle is usually the best.

Gather the waist of the skirt in one hand and the hem in the other so that you are grasping both ends of the skirt, with the body of fabric in the middle. With your hands in place, your skirt's shape will resemble a candy wrapper. Twist the fabric by rotating your hands in opposite directions. Rotate your hands, tightening the fabric until it begins to curl and is no longer loose. Bring your hands together without letting the fabric slack and tie a knot. Continue knotting, without loosening your fabric, until there is no space for another knot.

Place your knotted skirt in the washing machine and start the cycle. After the washing machine finishes, remove your knotted skirt from the washer. If any knots loosened, retwist and tie them now. Place or hang your knotted skirt to dry in a clean area.

Wait for the fabric of your skirt to be completely dry, which can take a day or more depending on how sunny or breezy the drying area is. Untie the knots in your dry skirt to reveal a wrinkled, clean broomstick skirt ready for wearing.