How to Fix a Pulled Thread in a Pashmina Scarf

Snagging a favorite Pashmina or other garment of clothing is frustrating, but can be a relatively easy fix with the right tools. Sometimes it is necessary to take the garment to a professional, but there are options to fix it at home, too.

Visit a local fabric or craft store and purchase a latch hook, a snag repair needle or a tool called a knit picker. All are available for around $2. A crochet hook will work, as well.

Use the looped or hooked end of the chosen tool to catch the loose end of thread coming out of the snag.

Use the tool to pull the loose thread back into the weave of the garment. If the item has a defined front and back, simply pull the thread back through the fabric onto the back side, masking the snag.

After the loose tail is pulled back into the fabric or is on the back side, gently tug the area around the pulled thread to tug it back into place. The snag should now be virtually invisible.

If the snag is too large or open to fix at home, or if using the knit picker does not help, consider taking the garment to a dry cleaner, seamstress or tailor. Prices vary, but most snags or pulled threads can be rewoven into the body of the garment.