How to Fix a Hook on Pants

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Hooks and eyes are used to fasten garments together securely and discretely. They are particularly useful for securing pants, as they can be used to hold the waistband together without being seen. Securing a hook and eye onto pants by hand is quick and easy to do .

Position the hook on the top side of the waistband of the pants. Ensure it lines up with the edge of the material.

Knot your thread. Holding the hook in position with your thumb, begin stitching the middle hole by pushing the needle through from the wrong side of the material. Use three stiches, each one worked from the fabric into the hole.

Move to the next series of holes by inserting the needle into the material and passing it underneath so that its tip comes out next to the area to be stitched. Fix using another three stiches.

To stich the remaining series of holes, repeat Step 2. To complete, pass the needle through the fabric, tie a knot in the fabric, holding it flat against the material with your thumb, then insert the needle through the fabric and under the hook, bringing it out again and cutting the thread. This will hide your knot.

To secure the hook bar, first fasten the bar to the hook. Take the fastened hook to the fabric on the opposite side of the waistband. Position and mark the holes with a pencil.

Remove the bar and line it up with the marks. Knot the thread and insert the needle through the wrong side of the fabric. Add three stiches to fix the bar to the fabric, working from the outside inward.

On the wrongs side of the fabric, knot the thread and cut. Now move to the next side and repeat the process.