How to Fix a Bent Bra Latch

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Have you ever pulled a favorite bra out of your washing machine only to find that a hook has gotten caught and bent? You don't need to get frustrated or toss out the garment — you have multiple options for fixing bent bra hooks, depending on how severe the damage is. And be sure to avoid future problems by always washing bras in a mesh lingerie bag, with the hooks closed.

Get a pair of needle-nose pliers and try to take hold of the end of the hook and bend it back into shape. This usually works in the case of a minor bend, as when the hook has straightened somewhat or bent slightly to the side.

Buy replacement bra hooks at a local or online fabric and craft store if you need to perform more significant repairs. If a hook won't bend back correctly or was severely yanked out of place in the fabric, this is likely your best option.

Measure the width of your bra's back strap and take note of how many hooks it has. You will need this information to find the right fit for your replacement component.

Cut off the damaged hook area, being sure not to cut the important seams along the actual elastic strap of the bra. Compare the shape and material of your replacement piece to the fabric section that holds the hooks on your damaged bra so that you can get a good idea of where to stop cutting.

Sew on the new hooks, and eyes as well, if needed. Depending on what brand of replacement you got, there may be a flap of fabric to cover up the raw edge where the replacement is attached. Be sure to sew this down as well for a smooth, finished feel and a stronger hold.