How to Remove the Mesh From Fitted Caps

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ripping out the mesh inside your new fitted cap is one tip or trick for breaking in a new baseball cap. Fitted mesh can make a ball cap feel tight on your head or scratch your forehead. Removing the mesh lining is the first step on your way to ripping, sanding, dragging around or simply placing it in the sun to achieve that worn in, worn out look.

Flip the fitted cap inside out and locate the seam of the mesh, probably under a 1/2-inch flap of fabric.

Use a seam ripper to pull out the threading that holds in the mesh or the mesh seam. Insert the seam ripper's long pointed end under a piece of thread and pull upward and away from your body until it rips out.

Continue to rip put every other piece of thread; all of the thread unravels when you reach the end. Use the seam ripper to pull out any threads still be sewn into the cap. Then, pull out the mesh and shake the cap over a trash to rid it of excess thread.