How to Replace a Timex Ironman Watchband

Replacing your own watchband may not be the easiest task. However, with the right tools and a little bit of patience, you will be able to update your Timex Ironman watch with a brand new watchband. You can purchase a brand new band for your Timex Ironman watch at your local discount store or from any of the various online watch marketplaces located on the Internet. It is recommended that you also purchase a watchband pin removal tool from a local jewelry/watch shop or from an online watch marketplace.

Replacing Your Timex Ironman Watchband

Find a clean, flat surface on which to work. You may also want to lay down a soft, clean cloth or towel so that the face of your watch does not get scratched. You are now ready to begin the watchband-removal process.

Remove the old watchband. Take your watch, face down, and gently place it on the cloth. Take your watchband pin removal tool and gently press down on the end of the pin so that it pushes out of the retaining hole. Repeat for the other side.

Place a pin in each of the bands if the new band does not already have pins attached to it. If your new band came with a set of pins, keep those in a safe place in case you lose one.

Take one of the bands and insert one end of the pin into one of the retaining holes, pressing in so that you are able to insert the other end of the pin into the other retaining hole. Repeat for the other side.

Pick up your watch and place it on your wrist, adjusting the fit to your needs. Your watch is now ready to wear.