How to Replace Seiko Watch Bands

Watch image by Corneliu C from

Founded in 1881 in Tokyo Japan, the Seiko watch company grew from a small shop to a global watchmaking superpower. Seiko makes watches of all types, from the affordable to the extravagant and everywhere in between. With the correct tools, replacing the band on a Seiko is a simple procedure. You also need to use proper care to avoid scratching the case of your Seiko.

Lay the watch face down on the cloth. This will help prevent scratches on the watch while you work on the band.

Check the connection point of the watch band and case to find the spring bars. These are small metal bars visible through a small hole near the base of the bracelet.

Use the spring bar tool to push the spring bar inwards towards the band (any other small forked tool will work in a pinch). The spring bar tool should catch onto a small raised ridge on the bar and push it out of the watch band. While pushing, pull gently on the band to remove that side of the bracelet. Repeat this for both sides of the bracelet.

Place the removed spring bars in the replacement strap if needed.

Reverse the removal process, placing one edge of the bar into the slot it was originally removed from. Push the other side of the spring bar, then slide the band into place. Pull on it gently to check if the band is properly seated.