How do I Change the Battery in a Pierre Cardin Watch?

The Pierre Cardin company makes a variety of high-end items, including accessories, perfume, furniture, clothes and watches. As with almost all battery-powered watches, the battery in a Pierre Cardin watch will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Replacing the battery in a Pierre Cardin watch requires a few tools, such as a case back wrench and/or a small standard screwdriver.

Place the towel on a flat, soft surface. Place the watch on the towel, and wipe the watch carefully to remove any dust or dirt. Turn the watch over to see if the back is a snap back, with a small notch on the side, or a screw back, which has several small slots. If the watch is a screw back, a small tool called a case back wrench will be necessary, and can be purchased at most watch repair stores.

Insert the metal tips of the case back wrench into the slots on a screw back and turn in a counterclockwise motion to release the slots and open the screw back. If the watch is a snap back, insert the flat edge of a small standard screwdriver into the notch on the side of the watch. Wriggle the screwdriver slightly to loosen and pop off the screw back.

Remove the watch battery from inside the watch. Remove the small clip that sometimes holds the battery in place by unscrewing the clip with a small standard screwdriver. After removing the clip, use the tip of the screwdriver to gently lift the edge of the watch battery and remove it from the watch. Insert a new watch battery, which can be purchased at most hardware stores, watch repair stores or drugstores. If you are not certain of the exact watch battery to buy, look at the watch battery that you are removing and buy an identical one.

Replace the clip holding the battery in place, if applicable. Set the case back on the watch and align the notch on the side, if it is a snap back case. Press firmly on the back to pop the case into position. Use the case back wrench to turn the slots on the screw back watch to close the watch.

Reset the time on the watch, if necessary.