How to Replace the Battery In a Fossil Blue Watch

The Fossil Company makes clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags and watches for men and women that can be purchased at most major department or general retail stores. Fossil watches are available in dress and sports styles for both men and women. If the battery in a Fossil watch dies, you can replace it.

Place the watch on a slightly soft surface, such as a computer mouse pad or towel.

Flip the watch over and examine the case back. Look for several small slots, which indicate that it is a screw back. If the case back is smooth, it is a snap back case.

Locate the small indent in the side of a snap back case watch. Place the head of a small standard screwdriver (such as one used to repair eyeglasses) into the indent and wiggle slightly until the case back snaps off.

Use a pair of small pliers or a case back wrench, available at most watch repair stores, to turn the slots in a screw back case. A case back wrench has several small metal tips that are placed in the slots at the same time and then turned to remove the case back.

Locate the battery, which looks like a small smooth disc. If there is a clip holding the battery in place, use your fingernail or the screwdriver to pop open the clip and remove the battery. If there is no clip, use your fingernail or screwdriver to remove the battery.

Replace the old battery with a new battery and insert the clip if necessary.

Line the small indent up on the case back with the indent in the side of the watch and then push down on the case back with both thumbs with even pressure if it is a snap back case. The cover should snap back into place. If it is a screw back case, line up the slots on the case back and use pliers or a case back wrench to turn them in place.

Reset the watch if necessary.