How to Change the Batteries in Kids' Shoes

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Light emitting diodes are what make those snazzy sneakers your toddler or preschooler thinks he just can’t live without blink when he walks. Because he grows so fast, and LEDs use so little electricity, your munchkin will most likely outgrow his flashy shoes long before the batteries go dead. However, batteries do sometimes fail prematurely and, unfortunately, not all models of LED shoes have batteries that are accessible, but are intentionally sealed into the sole of the shoe.

Step 1

Examine the heel of the shoe for a small horizontal tab or slot. Place the tip of a small nail file or flat-head screwdriver against the tab or in the slot and gently push inward until the battery compartment opens. If there is no tab or slot on the outside of the shoe then you'll have to remove the insole.

Step 2

Reach inside the shoe and gently pull up on the heel end of the insole with your fingers. If the insole does not come up easily, slip the tip of a nail file or small flat-head screwdriver under the edge of the insole to pry it loose, otherwise you could a break a nail.

Step 3

Examine the inside of the shoe at the heel, under the insole, for a rubber cover plate. If there is no cover plate the shoe does not have replaceable batteries and you will have to decide if you would rather pony up for a new pair of sneaks or have your tyke live without the lights.

Step 4

Pry the battery, or batteries, lose with the file or screwdriver. Battery type will vary, depending on the shoe; LED shoes use either AA, AAA or watch batteries. If the shoe requires watch batteries take the battery to the store with you to ensure you get the correct replacement, as there are several different types of watch batteries.

Step 5

Replace the battery in the shoe, using the tip of the nail file or screwdriver to push the batteries firmly in place. Place the shoe on the floor and gently put pressure on the inside of the shoe, at the heel, with your hand to test the replacement batteries. Recheck the positioning of the batteries if the shoe doesn’t light up check.

Step 6

Close the battery-compartment tab with the file or screwdriver or replace the rubber cover on the inside of the shoe and push the insole back in place with your finger.