How to Change a Battery in a Wittnauer Watch

Wittnauer watches went through a resurgence in the 1990s when they released watches with a twenty-year life. Their watches now come with a 2 to 10 year battery life, though this still means owners need to replace the battery at some point. Many customers take their watches to a jewelry repair shop, while others prefer to change the battery in their Wittnauer watch themselves.

Setup your workspace by placing a bright light in the area as well as a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass helps you see the small components in the watch, while the light reaches the areas that are otherwise not illuminated.

Remove the four small screws on the back of the Wittnauer watch by using a small screwdriver. The screws in the Wittnauer are of the flat head variety so make sure you’re using the right type of screwdriver. Place the screws off to the side.

Slide a pair of needle nose pliers into the side of the watch back and apply a small amount of pressure. This causes the back of the watch to pop off so you can see the battery inside. Pull off the rubber seal that lies beneath the watch back.

Pry up the edge of the clip holding the battery in place by using the edge of your needle nose pliers or your fingernail. Tilt the watch upside down until the old battery falls out. Slide the new battery into place in the same way the old one came out.

Place the battery clip back in place and slide the rubber seal onto the back. Add the backing and adjust it until the holes on the back line up with the holes on the watch. Add the screws and screw them back into place. The watch should now work properly.