How to Change the Battery in a Kenneth Cole Reaction Watch

by Vanessa Padgalskas ; Updated September 28, 2017

Kenneth Cole Reaction watches have the most common snap back closure, which means the back of the watch case snaps open and closed. Kenneth Cole watches are stylish and affordable at around $75 to more than $250. The lifespan of watch batteries varies, but they will typically last anywhere from one to three years.

Place your Kenneth Cole watch face down on a soft cloth so the face does not get scratched while you are changing the battery.

Insert a flat tool like a watch case opener tool or the tip of a butter knife into the crevice between the watch case and the pop-up watch case back. Carefully wiggle the tool into the slit then press down on the tool's handle to pop the case open.

When the watch case is open, you will see a rubber gasket around the outside of the case. This gasket ensures that the watch case is water-tight. You will need to put it back just as you found it before you close the case.

Remove the old battery, a small silver disc, using a pair of tweezers. Be careful not to touch anything else on the inside of the watch, because you could damage the watch. Take note of which side of the battery was facing up, because you will need to insert the new battery the exact same way. If you did not know what type of watch battery your Kenneth Cole requires, you can look at the old battery for the size.

Insert the new battery with the correct side facing up. You can use the tweezers to get the battery into place. Turn the watch over and make sure the watch is working before closing the watch case.

Replace the rubber gasket around the outside of the watch case. Close the pop-up watch case by pressing it firmly down. Wait until you hear a "click" to make sure it is completely closed.

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