How to Set the Time on a Kenneth Cole Watch

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Kenneth Cole Inc., established in 1982, only sold shoes. In the beginning, Kenneth Cole planned to borrow a truck and park it in midtown Manhattan, but this required a permit granted only to utility companies or movie productions. So he changed the company name to Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. (telling the mayor that he was making a movie), painted the name on the truck and sold 40,000 pairs of shoes in two and a half days. Today the company sells much more than shoes, including watches. There are several different models, but most of them use the same technique for setting the time.

Pull the large pin located in the middle right-hand side (if you're looking at the face) of the watch frame.

Turn the knob to move the mechanical hands on the clock face. Press the pin back into the side of the watch frame when the time is set. Make sure the second hand is moving.

Pull the pin out two places (you should feel two clicks) to set the date. Check to make sure that when you're setting the time, you haven't pulled it out too far. Turn the knob in the "date position" to set the proper date.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 with the smaller pins on each side of the main pin to set the stopwatch or alternate time zone clocks (if you own a Kenneth Cole watch with these options).

Press the lower left button on the Kenneth Cole digital watches to cycle through the various modes. Press it three times to get into time mode (the face should be blinking). Press the upper right-hand button to change the seconds. Press the lower right-hand button to select the minutes. Press the upper right-hand button again to set the minutes. Press the lower right-hand button once more to get to hours, and then use the upper right-hand button to change them.