How to Replace a Movado Watch Battery

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Movado, a Swiss watch company, was founded in 1881. movado watches have the signature simple face with a single dot at 12, which represents the sun at high noon. Anyone can change a battery in a Movado watch. All it takes is a couple of tools and a lot of care.

Consult your owner's manual or look at the old battery to find the type of battery your watch requires. Then place your Movado watch face down on a soft cloth to prevent the crystal from getting scratched when you are changing the battery.

Insert the tip of a small screwdriver, the size of screwdriver you could use to work on eyeglasses, into the space where the pop-up case back meets the watch case. Movado watches have a "snap back" case, which means the case back will pop straight up rather than needing to be twisted. Wiggle the screwdriver until the watch is opened. Be careful not to scratch the watch case.

When the case is open, you will see a rubber gasket along the outside of the case. Remove the gasket, which keeps the watch case waterproof, but remember how it was placed when you found it. You will need to replace it exactly how you found it before you close the watch case.

Look for the small, round watch battery, and take note of which side of the battery is facing up. You will need to put the new battery in the exact same way. Slide the tip of your screwdriver underneath the battery to pop it up. You can remove the battery with your fingers. During this step, make sure not to touch anything else in the watch other than the battery. The watch movement is fragile and can be damaged easily.

Insert the new battery in the same position that you found the old battery. Once you have the new battery in place, turn the watch over to make sure the watch is running. On a Movado, you will need to wait for the minute hand to move because the watch does not have a second hand.

Replace the rubber gasket around the outside of the case the same way you found it when you opened the case. Push down on the case until you hear a "click," which means the case is completely closed.