How to Change the Battery in a Harley-Davidson Bulova Watch

The Bulova Corporation makes Bulova, Wittnauer, Accutron and Caravelle watches. Bulova also has a Harley-Davidson line that includes wrist watches, FOB and pocket watches for both men and women. All non-leather bands are made of stainless steel. The battery in a Harley-Davidson bulova watch can be easily changed at home.

Change the Battery in a Harley Davidson Bulova Watch

Pop open the back of the watch case using a small screwdriver from your watch kit or a small eyeglass screwdriver. Gently fit the tip of your screwdriver into the small crevice where the removable case back meets the actual case of the watch. Use force to pop the back open by lifting up on the tip of your screwdriver (see link in Resources). Be careful not to scratch the case.

Put the rubber gasket to the side. The rubber gasket ensures the watch case is waterproof. It is important to put this back the same way you found it when you are closing the case.

Find the watch battery, a tiny circle, and remove it by popping it out with your screwdriver. Put the tip of your screwdriver down the side of the battery and lift the battery up. The type of battery needed depends on the type of Harley Davidson Bulova watch you have. The smaller women's watches will take a different size battery than the men's watches. The type of battery needed could be etched into the back of the watch case or you will need to look at the current battery to see the required size.

Put the new watch battery in the watch. To make sure you did it correctly, flip the watch over to check if the watch is working.

Replace the rubber gasket exactly how you found it around the edge of the case.

Close the case and listen for a "click" to make sure the back is secure.