How to Replace a Gucci Watch Battery

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The Gucci logo is recognized by fashionistas and even those who are not fashion savvy as one of the leading high-end brands in the world. Gucci has a line of watches for men and women with watch bands made in gold, stainless steel and leather. Gucci watches have a "snap back," which means the case back pops straight up. Changing a watch battery in a Gucci watch is a simple process even for those who do not have experience working with watches.

Lay your Gucci watch face down on a soft cloth to prevent the crystal from being scratched when you are changing the watch battery.

Insert a small screwdriver into the space where the case back meets the watch case. Push down on your screwdriver handle to pop up the case back. You may need to use force, but be careful not to scratch the watch case. You can find a small screwdriver from a hobby kit or a jeweler's kit. You could also use a watch case opener tool, if you have one handy.

When the case is open, you will see a rubber gasket lining the outside of the watch case. Set this gasket aside. You will need to put it back exactly as you found it before you close the watch case. The rubber gasket makes the watch case waterproof.

Locate the small, round battery, then place your screwdriver underneath the battery to pop it up from its case. Remove the battery with a pair of tweezers or your fingertips. Take note of which side of the battery is facing up, because you will need to put the new battery in the same way. If you did not already know what type of battery your Gucci watch needs, you can look on the old battery for its size.

Insert the new battery in the correct location with the correct side facing up. When the battery is set, turn the watch over to make sure it is working. Many Gucci watches do not have a second hand, so you may need to wait for it to the minute hand to move to ensure that it is working.

Place the rubber gasket around the outside of the case as you found it in Step 2. Press down on the case back until you hear a "click" signaling that the case is closed.