How to Replace a Swiss Army Wrist Watch Crystal

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When it comes to Swiss Army wrist watch repair, the most common issues that come to mind are battery replacement and band repair. However, replacing the watch crystal can be the most useful of all repairs. The process can seem somewhat daunting from a distance, but changing the watch crystal is simply a matter of extracting the current watch crystal and installing the new one. Once you learn the simple steps to doing this, you will be able to replace your Swiss Army watch crystal the easy way.

Open the back of the Swiss Army watch with a screwdriver or a Swiss case knife.

Remove the crystal gasket with a crystal lift. This is the gasket that holds the watch crystal in place. If the gasket is still in good shape, you can reuse it. If it is damaged, replace gasket along with watch crystal.

Pull the watch movement out of the watch case using your bare fingers.

Clean the portion of the watch case where the crystal was previously located with a cloth in order to remove all debris and build-up.

Place the movement inside the watch case with your hand and replace the gasket that you removed in step two.

Install the new watch crystal in the crystal gasket with a crystal press to secure the new crystal. Make sure to use a crystal that is the same as the old crystal in shape, diameter, thickness and color.