How to Change a Klaus Kobec Watch Battery

Klaus Kobec is one of the leading manufacturers of watches in the UK. The watches are known for combining great style with excellent functionality, which explains why so many of the watches are reaching other areas like the United States. Their watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is the need to replace the battery. When this happens, owners will find that they can do it themselves.

Look at the back of the watch and identify the back cover. This is a small round or square piece that covers the inside of the watch and offers protection. The majority of Klaus Kobec watches have a pressed on back, with a small space on the outside of the watch.

Identify the space between the watch and the backing. You may even notice a small notch that shows how it fits into place. Slip a flathead screwdriver into this notch and pull up slightly to pop the backing off. If the watch doesn’t have the notches, slide the screwdriver into the space between the back and the watch to remove it.

Use the screwdriver to gently remove the rubber gasket sitting on top of the battery and the two small clips holding the battery in place. These pieces must be removed to get the old battery out. Place them off to one side because you’ll need them again later.

Remove the old battery by twisting the watch sideways or upside down until it falls out. You can also use a small pair of tweezers to reach inside and remove the battery. Install the new battery by putting it in place and checking that the +/- symbols line up properly with the inside of the watch.

Add the battery clip, rubber gasket and back onto the watch. Turn it over so you can see the front and set it to the right time. If you’ve done everything correctly and the battery’s in the right spot, then the watch should work fine.