How to Change the Battery in a Fossil Big Tic Watch


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Have you ever noticed someone wearing a watch and you ask them for the time and they reply: "I don't know, the battery's broken." Many people will wear their favorite watch when it's broken out of habit, or because they feel bare without one. If that person is wearing a Fossil Big Tic watch, there may be another explanation. Fossil watches are known for having special backings that are difficult to remove. Because of this, the backing isn't removed and the battery isn't replaced. Instead of telling time by other means, grab a tiny screwdriver and replace that battery.

Flip the watch upside down so the face of the watch is resting on a table. On the back of the watch you will see two small indentations -- that is where you will open the watch.

Fit a screwdriver into one of the indentations. If you have a larger screwdriver, insert the corner of the head into the space.

Turn the backing of the watch counterclockwise with the screwdriver in the indentation to remove the backing.

Remove the interior cover of the watch by fitting the screwdriver under the cover and lifting up.

Press the screwdriver to the interior spring. The spring holds the battery in place; by pressing on spring, the spring will release the battery.

Throw the old battery away.

Fit the new battery into the battery compartment. Replace the spring and press down.

Put the interior cover over the inside of the watch and snap on the outer backing.