How to Change a Pocket Watch Battery

The single accessory that helps you keep track of time can stop working and possibly throw off your whole schedule, but don't let a broken watch get you down. The main problem with a non-functioning watch is almost always because the battery is dead. In order for you to stay on time, you don't need to buy a new pocket watch, but rather just follow these easy steps to install a new battery.

Flip over your pocket watch. Remove the back of your watch. The back of watches are either screwed on by four small Phillips head screws (unscrew them) or the watch has a press inserted back (slide a thin knife blade under the edge of the back of the watch and pry it off).

Remove the circular watch battery out of the back of the watch.

Take the battery to any department store or watch store and purchase a new replacement battery.

Insert the new battery into the back of the watch.

Screw on or push on the back of the watch. Set the watch to the correct time.