How to Replace a Battery in a Concord Watch

The Concord Watch Company SA was founded in 1908 and went on to develop the first private label luxury watch for the American market. Concord, which originated in Switzerland, would also usher in several other innovations, such as producing one of the thinnest watches ever made and the first watch made out of coins. Today, Concord Watch is a part of the Movado Group, which is an owner of several other high-end watch companies. Because a Concord watch is rather expensive, you will need to take great care when replacing its battery.

Place your Concord watch on a soft cloth so that you have access to the back plate. Look for a groove between the round plate and the casing of the watch. The presence of this groove indicates that you have a snap-back watch. If you do not see this groove, you will have to take your watch to a professional, as it will require special tools to remove and replace. Most battery-powered Concord watches, however, will have a snap back.

Use a small screwdriver or small, blunted knife and place the edge into the groove. Special care should be taken not to scratch the surface of the watch.

Gently twist the screwdriver or knife in the groove and the back plate of the watch should snap off.

Examine the battery that is already in the watch and remember how it is positioned. This is important, as you must place the new battery in exactly the same manner. Also look for the presence of a rubber ring around the edge of the watch. If the ring is undamaged, simply leave it. If, however, you notice that it seems to be in poor shape, you should purchase a new ring.

Determine what type of clip is holding the battery in place. If it is a spring clip, simply use your plastic tweezers or fingertips to pop the battery out. If the clip has a screw in it, you will need to use your small screwdriver to take the screw out. The screw will be very small, so be careful not to lose it. After the clip is removed, slip the battery out of its slot.

Place the new battery into its slot using your fingers or plastic tweezers. If your Concord watch has a screw-in clip, replace the clip by using your screw-holding tweezers to start the screw in its threads. Gently tighten with your screwdriver. Do not use excessive force and try to avoid touching any other parts of the watch with metal tools.

Make sure the rubber ring is still in its proper position and gently press the back plate of the watch into place until you hear it snap.

Examine the watch to make sure it is working correctly and clean it using your polishing cloth.