How to Repair a Watch Band Link

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Watchband links should fit your wrist comfortably.

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A watch is a clock worn on one’s hand, which is why it is often referred to as wristwatch. Wristwatches can be either digital or analog, with additional functions such as date display, stopwatch, lunar phases and other extras. A watch is attached to one’s wrist with a strap or a bracelet, depending on the material from which it’s made. While straps are made from sturdy fabric such as leather, bracelets are made from various kinds of metals. If you have a watch with a metal bracelet band, you may want to know how to fix its link.

Items you will need

  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Small needle-nose pliers
  • Metal band link pin
Step 1

Inspect the damage on the band link of your watch to see if you are going to need a replacement part or not. Sometimes the damage is extensive so you will need to add a metal section to the band in order for the watch to fit on your wrist. However, it is mostly a case of a simple distorted band link that needs to be straightened and fixed.

Step 2

Place the watch on a flat working surface, with its bottom side up. It is advisable to put a soft cloth under the watch so you don’t damage or scratch its glass surface. The bottom side needs to be facing up because that is where the hidden screws and holes are located, so they don’t spoil the look of the watch.

Step 3

Press the retaining clip on the damaged part of the band link with a small flat head screwdriver. When the clip is pressed, the link will detach from the bend. While pressing the clip, hold the band in its place with another flathead screwdriver so it doesn’t move. Remember that you need to be very precise while pressing the retaining clip, so you don’t scratch the metal surface around it. Also, notice that since this is a delicate process, you will need to use very small tools.

Step 4

Remove the bent metal pin from the band link, using small needle-nose pliers.

Step 5

Place a new, straight and strong metal pin through the band link. These metal pins can be purchased in watch repair stores or jewelry stores as spare parts.

Step 6

Press the retaining clip with the screwdriver, to attach the link to the band and finish the repair.


  • It is best to use a small and precise jewelry toolbox kit when repairing a wristwatch.


  • Do not operate on a watch if your eyesight isn’t near perfect. These repairs are very delicate and if you don’t see very well, you might end up damaging the watch even more.

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