How to Remove a Rolex Bezel

Rolex watches are time pieces reflecting elegance and superiority. Each piece of a Rolex is carefully assembled by hand, which may be why owning a Rolex is of major importance to many people. Among the features on a Rolex watch is the ceramic bezel which encircles the face of the watch. Made from hard ceramic, these bezels do not deteriorate or change color and are scratch-proof. Bezels consist of two parts: the bezel and the insert. The insert is the part with the inscribed numbers on it while the bezel rim holds it in place. Removing a bezel from a Rolex isn't difficult as long as it's done carefully.

Lay the watch in front of you on a paper or cloth towel to avoid scratches. The bezel, as defined by the dictionary, is "a rim that holds a transparent covering [as on a watch] or that is rotatable and has special markings." A Rolex bezel holds the watch crystal in place and may have an insert in the form of a smaller rim, which may be interchanged. The bezel itself is rarely changed. Some Rolex watches have a rotatable bezel such as for example, the Rolex Submariner watch, which has an optional bezel designed for divers. This bezel accurately measures diving time.

Rip off pieces of the tape. Place it piece by piece underneath the bezel in the area between the bezel and the case. Do so until the area under it is covered all around. This will protect the watch case from getting scratched when the bezel is taken off.

Use the sharp tip of a pocket knife, X-acto knife or even a small kitchen knife to lift the bezel. Place the tip of the knife under the bezel, but on top of the tape, and carefully push the bezel upwards until it nudges.

Bezels are removable as desired with interchangeable bezel inserts.

Hold the bezel with your thumb before taking it out. A small spring located at 12 o'clock might pop out if you remove the bezel too quickly. Leave the spring in. When you put a new bezel back in place, you will need to line it up with this spring for it to work if it's a rotatable bezel such as the diver's bezel in a Submariner watch.

Hold the bezel in your hands and press the top of it with your thumb so that the bezel insert pops out. To replace an insert, simply place it in the middle of the bezel and press it inside until the bezel holds it in place. You can now change the bezel, or you can put it back onto the watch without an insert. Inserts are used to give the Rolex wearer more options if desired. The bezel insert has digits inscribed on it.