How to Replace the Bezel on a Rolex Datejust

watch image by Sandra Henderson from

The Rolex Datejust was the first watch with an automatic date function and premiered in 1945. Since then, this watch has become a modern classic. It has been one of Rolex's top selling models for many years—often imitated, never really copied. Changing the bezel on the Datejust is not easy, but with the proper tools and instructions, it is possible.

Place the Datejust face up on the soft cloth, to prevent scratching the watchband.

Use strips of masking tape to protect the watch around the bezel. Push one edge of the tape under the bezel, then continue to use pieces of tape around the watch to protect it from the pocket knife.

Place the edge of the pocket knife blade under the edge of the bezel where it is taped. Push gently up on the knife until the bezel pops away from the watch.

Remove the bezel carefully, making sure not to scratch the watch face or case.

Clean off the replacement bezel, then press it into place on the watch in the location where the previous bezel was. Press down equally on both sides until you hear a click. Make sure to examine the bezel from all angles to be sure it is in place.