How to Change a Wenger Watch Battery

David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images

Although Wenger suggests you take their watches to a jewelry repair service or an authorized Wenger dealer, it is fairly easy to change out your watch battery at home with the help of a few necessary items.

Protect the watch face by laying the watch on a cloth or other soft material before beginning.

Remove the back of the watch. There are two types of watch backs--ones with a lip to pry the back off, or with notches that require a special tool to remove the back. Either use the specified watch back remover by adjusting it the to the correct width of the watch back and spinning it off, or use the flattened piece of metal to pop the back off.

Notice the round plastic piece, some of which covers the battery. Carefully remove the piece and place it somewhere that you won't forget about it.

Remove the battery with the tweezers and replace it the new one. All batteries have a style number so that you can correctly choose a replacement from Radio Shack or another similar retailer.

Replace the plastic cover after securing the battery. Usually you will hear a click to know it is properly fastened.

Pop the back onto the watch, or use the tool to screw it back on. Make sure not to screw it too tight or you will have difficulty repeating this process next time.