How to Remove the Crown From a Wrist Watch

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With some preparation and a few tools you can remove the crown from your wrist watch. Depending on the type of watch you have, the release for the stem and crown may be located in slightly different places. The manner in which the release operates may also vary depending on the style and manufacturer of your watch. It is not that difficult to locate the release and to operate it to remove the crown once you know what to look for.

Place your watch, crystal side down, on a firm surface covered with a soft cloth. Remove the back of your watch with a case opener that matches the type of case on your watch, or by using a small screwdriver as a prying tool, being careful not to scratch the back of the watch. Use a strong grip or a watch holder case to hold the watch in position while your remove the back.

Look for an arrow pointing to a brass or polished button perpendicular to the stem axis, (the stem is the small metal rod the crown is connected to). Depress the button with a plastic stick or the end of a straightened paper clip while gently pulling on the crown.

Look for a screw if you are unable to find a button. Remove the screw only far enough to remove the stem and crown (usually one or two turns is sufficient).