How to Unlock a Chamilia Bracelet

by Shelby Winchell ; Updated September 28, 2017

Open the lock on a Chamilia bracelet to add or remove charms or stones. Bracelets are made of 14 carat gold, sterling silver or braided-leather and feature at least one lock that look resembles a charm. Chamilia recommends placing a lock on each end of the bracelet to prevent the beads and stones from moving around and to create a polished look. Locks feature different designs, including hearts, stars, flowers and lines and can be changed at any time.

Step 1

Turn and rotate the lock on the Chamilia bracelet until you can see the clasp. Look for the metal groove in the lock to locate the clasp.

Step 2

Stick the tip of your fingernail underneath the metal clasp and pull up to unlock.

Step 3

Separate the two ends of the lock to open the bracelet.

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