How to Remove the Back of a Nixon Watch

Nixon watches are contemporary timepieces that are sold at the company website. They are also sold by online and offline dealers. Just like other brands, Nixon watches contain working parts. They need replacement batteries and maintenance from time to time. You can do some minor maintenance on some Nixon watches, but other models need to be serviced by a professional jeweler. It's crucial to note that if you open or remove the back of a Nixon watch, the warranty will automatically be voided.

Locate or purchase a jeweler's tool. You'll need one to remove the back of Nixon watches that are waterproof.

Locate the indents on the back of the watch case. Adjust the teeth of the tool so they fit into the indents.

Hold the Nixon watch firmly while you position the jeweler's tool onto the indents. Finally, turn and remove the back. If you can't remove the back of a Nixon watch without using excessive force, take the watch to a jeweler or call the company for service to avoid damage.