How to Replace the Back Cover on a Timex Indiglo

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Timex is a watch manufacturer that produces watches with indiglo technology. The indiglo technology illuminates the screen or display of a watch so that the time and other functions can be read at night. The back of a watch case is commonly removed when changing batteries and must be properly replaced to ensure that the watch will properly function and be protected from moisture and water exposure. The tools needed to replace the back cover on a timex indiglo watch can be purchased at most online and local watch or jewelry stores.

Place watch on a clean and soft cloth. This will protect the glass on the front of the watch while you are working on replacing the back cover.

Clean the battery box of the watch with a soft cloth. Focus particularly on the battery terminals and insert the correct battery for your watch.

Reset the watch switch located in the battery box of the watch. It is often a very small gold, circular button that can be depressed using a small jeweler’s screw driver.

Place back cover on the back of the watch and use small jeweler’s screwdriver to replace screws in the holes on the back cover. The back cover may also be able to click in place or have a shallow slot that runs across the center of the back cover. For this type of design, use a coin or flathead screwdriver to replace the back cover of your watch.